Friday, January 21, 2011

"good things come to those who wait"


...and the WAIT is finally over!! my books which i ordered over TWO WEEKS ago finally arrived today, and here i had almost given up hope, thinking they had been lost in the mail (they were estimated to be arriving within 3-7 days of my order). come to find out, they had been sent to my old address first...silly in any case, i am so thrilled to finally have them in my hands, and cannot wait to start reading through them!!


the first book is one that i saw an ad for a couple years ago while flipping through an issue of teen vogue. at the time, i was an avid reader of that magazine (though since have "graduated" to the regular vogue) and it's long been a dream of mine to somehow enter the fashion industry. the hangup was not having the money to attend a school of fashion, and no clue how to get my foot in the door any other way. after reading a review on this book, i felt it would be a great tool for me to discover ways i might finally realize my dream without being limited by my lack of formal fashion education. i'll be sure to follow up later with a review!

the second book is one i only just heard of this month. i was watching a makeover program on HGTV called "closet cases" - it's essentially a cross between "what not to wear" and "clean sweep". the host stylist, Lloyd Boston, comes in and revamps the featured guest's wardrobe and overall look, while a resident home designer remodels the closet of said guest. i had never heard of this show before, but i was impressed with the advice and guidance Mr. Boston gave, so when they did a promo spot at the end of the program for his book "Before You Put That On", i decided i'd like to see what other advice he had to give.

the third book is one i've had on my must-read list for several years. it was actually my best friend who discovered it while we were passing time at barnes and noble. while i was never a big spice girls fan, over the years i have developed an appreciation for the former miss posh spice, victoria beckham's sense of style. while i don't always approve of her tastes, i do respect her authority on the subject of fashion. in addition, when i first looked through the book that day at b&n, i absolutely fell in love with the aesthetic and design of the whole thing, and this only made me want it more! why i didn't buy it at the time, i couldn't say. i am just glad to finally have it now <3



Sherry said...

How was the Victoria Beckham book? I was thinking about getting it!

SILVIA said...

great post!! awesome =P

Funmilayo said...

I didn't know victoria bekham had a book out!