Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i don't usually watch "the view" but happened to land on that channel (ABC) this morning, and more than the topics they were discussing, what caught my attention was elisabeth hasselbeck's ADORABLE outfit!! here is my version of her outfit, and while i don't know what her outfit cost or what labels she wore, i can almost guarantee my ensemble is far cheaper for just as much style and class. so here you go:

this lovely coat, with its vintage navy flavor, can be found on for a humble price of $107.99 (this was the most expensive item in my ensemble, however, this coat was the most affordable i could find that most closely matched elisabeth's)

these skinny jeans are clean and crisp, and coming in at $14.50 on, a STEAL!

i am head over heels for these platform mary-janes!! elisabeth's red pumps were actually a basic pump (no strap) with a rosette or some sort of little embellishment on the toe of the shoe, but i felt for my version of the ensemble, these were more to my liking. they are available for $21.80 on

surprisingly, the hardest item to match in elisabeth's whole ensemble were her red-beaded hoops. i personally am not much of an earring wearer, not because i don't like them. more because my hair always covers them. but i found these little beauties on for a "buy it now" price of $17.95

so there you have it, folks. total cost of the outfit: $162.24


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