Friday, December 17, 2010

"To do a dull thing with style - now that's what I call art"
~ Charles Bukowski

I attended my first fashion event to mark the start of my fashion blogging adventure. It was the grand opening event for V Jones Salon held yesterday evening, hosted by ELLE magazine and sponsored by 360 Vodka and Sebastien Professional Hair Care. We arrived as all the salon employees were prepping themselves for the crowds to appear.

The salon itself was clean, bright and ever so chic with all white decor, full length mirrors at each stylist station, and black accents peppering the walls and tables. Each hair stylist was dressed in their own variation of the black and white theme, some more edgy, some more romantic, some more vintage. A hundred or so gift bags, filled with the latest issue of ELLE, samples of Sebastien Professional products, and more info about the salon, were neatly lined up against the wall of the waiting area.

There was a nervous energy in the air as the 6 o'clock hour approached, and then it was time for the party to begin! At first, a handful of people trickled through the doors, the early birds ready for their 15 minute complimentary styling. A mother with 3 teenage daughters, a pair of girlfriends, a single woman, friends of the salon owners, etc. As stylists began going to work on each woman, the room exhaled and the nervous energy turned into excitement. More guests began arriving, and soon the whole salon was full of people, and music, and champagne and hairspray.

Servers in suits were busy handing out gourmet hors d'oeuvres and glasses of wine. Women who came in with bare faces and undone hair would leave with runway ready coifs and faces made up beautifully by the local M.A.C. experts. A photographer was on hand to snap shots of each transformation. I snapped a few photos myself, capturing the more abstract scenery. All in all, it was a successful event, and enjoyable whether you were getting a makeover or just a bystander enjoying the show.

And so this marks day one of my fashion-centered blogging endeavors. I have a passion for fashion, and while I do enjoy the artistic nature of haute couture, I desire to and make it my goal that I bring something to the table that regular women, with regular incomes, can appreciate and replicate in their own style and dress. It is my heart to find real beauty and illuminate it for others, and it is my pleasure to find affordable and wearable wardrobe pieces for real bodies without sacrificing taste. I look forward to sharing my passion and hope that it will inspire my readers!

V Jones Salon is located at 19505 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino. You can also view their website at

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