Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 2 of my "i hate my life" kick (well more like day 236, but who's counting...) and tonight i'm at least not feeling like drowning myself in my pillow. it helps that i got to see some of my favorite women tonight and they always lift my spirits. or at least help me forget for a few hours how shitty my life still that i'm home, and it's been 5 hours since i've gotten a text message, AND it's thursday night which means all of campbell is engaged in debauchery and not one soul has bothered to invite me yanks me back into i'm home, eating everything in sight (which is some bizarre combo of lunchmeat, peas and rice, a few spoonfulls of "light and fit", and a lime ice popsicle thing drenched in whipped cream) and watching "post grad" which is like watching a white trash version of gilmore girls.

facebook has been calling my name all day, and part of me feels like i should just give up my resolve to rid myself of that toxic wasteland and rejoin the peer pressure world...but it hasn't even been 24 hours so i feel pretty pathetic if i give up that easy.

as i'm watching this movie, i'm sadly relating to alexis bledel's character, whose life has taken a nose dive for the worst, leaving her feeling like a complete loser next to all of her successful peers. little to close to home? hmmm...omg and she doesn't have a car. ok, did someone predict my pitfalls and write them into a script? what doesn't mimic my life that i wish i could relate to is the hot latin man that is now cooking her breakfast for dinner...i'm keeping my eyes open...

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